We’ve integrated lots of Advanced Tools inside the IKU Web Control Panel. All these tools will let you do quick tasks for example safeguarding a directory with a password or a lot more challenging ones like, for example, switching the PHP release of your web hosting account. Though the jobs they do vary, each of the Advanced Tools have one uniformity. They’re genuinely user–friendly and uncomplicated and require no special knowledge on your part.

Hotlink Protection

Secure yourself from traffic cyber–theft

Whenever you produce authentic website content there’ll always be someone that will attempt to get hold of it without having your agreement. It is true both to written content as well as visuals. This is where the Hotlink Protection tool built into IKU’s Web Control Panel will really help you out. With only a mouse–click, you are going to take care of all images within your site by preventing other websites from backlinking to them.

This way, not only will you put a stop to other individuals from stealing your graphics, but you will also make sure you stick to your monthly data traffic restriction.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automated generation of .htaccess files

Thanks to the .htaccess file, it’s easy to control your website – set redirections, establish password shielded directories, and much more. In the IKU Web Control Panel, it’s easy to create new .htaccess files applying our powerful .htaccess Generator.

You don’t need to learn anything at all as related to .htaccess files so as to use the .htaccess Generator. Only indicate the adjustments you prefer to produce while using tool’s uncomplicated interface and our the is going to easily create the needed code on your behalf.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Prevent malicious IPs from accessing your web site

For those who have a busy website, at some point you become a victim of spammers and malevolent site visitors. You are able to shield your web sites from these types of behavior by using the IP blocking tool integrated into IKU’s Web Control Panel. The tool will provide you with the option to timely prevent an IP address or a whole array of IP addresses by using a click of the mouse.

Combined with our detailed web stats as well as our GeoIP redirection instruments, the IP Blocking tool will help you proficiently command the entry to your web site.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Customize the PHP settings for your personal site

The IKU Web Control Panel gives you an opportunity to promptly affect the PHP build for one’s account. You are able to make a choice from older PHP variations up to the latest stable PHP launch. We’ve produced a user–friendly and uncomplicated interface that lets you modify the PHP version as many times as you want. And the build you have picked out will be employed quickly.

Whichever PHP edition you select, you can also have control within the php.ini file – the PHP configuration file for your hosting account. It’s easy to alter some of the most popular selections, alter the entire php.ini file or swiftly return all changes and also set things back to their defaulting condition.

PHP Configuration